SBI vs HDFC Bank vs ICICI Bank vs BoB vs Axis Bank: Comparison of what bank charges for NEFT transactions

Gone are the days when one had to visit the bank to transfer funds from one party to another. There are several digital platforms and method through which one can make financial transactions which includes, NEFT, RTGS  and NEFT to name a few. The latter is an electronic funds transfer system regulated and maintained by the monetary body of Reserve Bank of India. National Electronic Funds Transfer or NEFT is a method of transferring of funds between two parties that does not happen in real time. Here, the user gets twenty three half-hourly settlement batches that run from 8 am to 7 pm on all working days of week (except 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month). Post this window, if transactions are carried out, they are not settled until the next window availability.

Despite the funds getting settled in a batch wise suystem, the NEFT method of financial transaction is best suited for retail remittances. Several public as well as private banks provide with the NEFT services, in accordance to the RBI guidelines. Here is how the banks will charge when you make a NEFT transactions,

State Bank of India

State Bank of India consumers using NEFT for making payments are charged Rs 2.50+GST for transactions up to Rs 10,000. Transaction of Rs 1 lakh with SBI NEFT will be levied Rs 5+GST while transaction on amounts above 1 lakh and below Rs 2 lakh is charged Rs 15+GST. When the transaction amount exceeds Rs 2 lakhs, the user is charged Rs 25+GST.


Customers of the HDFC Bank are charged Rs 2.50+GST on any NEFT transactions up to Rs 10,000. Rs 5+GST is charged on transaction amount up to Rs 1 lakh. transaction amount between 1 lakh – 2 lakh, an individual has to pay Rs 15+GST, while paying Rs 25+GST on amounts more than Rs 2 lakh


ICICI bank charges Rs 2.50+GST on NEFT transactions up to Rs 10,000. For amounts up to 1 lakh, the user is levied Rs 5+GST while charging Rs 15+GST on transaction carried out between Rs 1 lakh – 2 lakh. Above 2 lakh, the NEFT user is charged Rs 25+GST.

Bank Of Baroda

Bank of Baroda charges Rs 2.50+GST is charged on NEFT transaction made with Bank of Baroda for amount up to Rs 10,000. There is a charge of Rs 5+GST is charged for amounts below Rs 1 lakh while Rs 15 is charged for amounts falling between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 2 lakhs. Rs 25+GST is levied for transaction amount exceeding Rs 2 lakhs.

Axis Bank

NEFT transactions done by Axis bank customers are charged Rs 2.50+GST for transfer of amounts up to Rs 1,000. Rs 5 is levied for NEFT transaction amount up to Rs 1 lakh. Transactions above Rs 1 lakh and up to Rs 2 lakhs have Rs 15+GST charged on them by Axis Bank. Exceeding Rs 2 lakhs, the user is levied Rs 25+GST.

Comparing all the NEFT charges by the prominent banks, it can noticed that the charges fall between Rs 2.50 to Rs 25. It is to be noted that the charges are in accordance with the RBI guidelines dated November 24 2017.

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